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So why are you here exactly? Is it because you think that in life, the best things come in threes? And this fits perfectly too in the world of sex and the porn industry as the raunchiest and kinkiest fun can be had in a trio. Come on we have to be honest here fellas that every guy has fantasized about having a threesome with two sizzling hot chicks that are on you like a fart in a phone box and requiring your rod in all of their firm orifices. Absolutely every man has dreamed about this and still does for that matter. It’s just this thing we have inside us that we can’t help ourselves imagining it happening even if we are single, married or whatever. The thought of two women being all over you at the same time and both of these bold babes wanting you inside them is just unbelievable. So unbelievable in fact that if it were to actually happen I don’t think we’d even know what to do with ourselves. But not to worry, you will pick up plenty of kinky tips on how to maneuver yourself and wha...